Imagine a place with no road, no electricity, no running water or TV. All you can hear is the wind in the tree tops and the calls of wild birds in the forest.

Our little farmstead is perched on the top of a cliff with a forest mere nestled below it. You will feel as you have been transferred to another time – and in a sense you have! All around you are traces and remnants from earlier inhabitants – smallholders who lived and worked here during the last two centuries. During your stay you fetch water from a well in the forest, axe the kindling for your fire and cook your meals either over an open fire behind the cottage or on the traditional woodstove in the kitchen.
Other than that… you just exist.

Your days will be spent managing the bare essentials, resting in the hammocks – and experiencing the majestic forest surrounding the smallholding. Why not pick your own berries and mushrooms for supper? At night time the moon glimmer through the handmade old window panes and you can hear the owls hoot and the soft paddle of moose moving through the marsh land... Stillness reign and you sleep until the morning sun tickles your face.

The place is called Övrabo and you can experience the most peaceful days of your life here.

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