At Tumbo Adventures you always ride out with an experienced guide.
Our horses steady and sure footed and we adapt our rides to suit the rider’s level of experience.

For those who wish there will be plenty of trotting and cantering – and we climb mountains too! For those not so inclined, the horses will carry you quietly and safely along beautiful forest tracks and roads.

The horses:
Scottish Highland Ponies and Russian Basjkirs!

At Tumbo our herd of horses is made up by two very original breeds – the Scottish Highland Pony and the Russian Basjkir. We choose those two breeds for our trail riding because they are so very well suited to the job - riding straight in to nature!

We have been breeding the Highland Ponies since 2005 when we imported two mares and the very first registered HP breeding stallion in Sweden, McGregordene. The Highlands are sweet natured, steady and very beautiful with long flowing manes and plenty of feathers on their legs. We bought the Basjkir last winter to strengthen our rather young herd of Highlands with three really experienced trail horses. The plan worked and we are very pleased with Borka, Ommela and Rostra. The Basjkir are famous for two things – incredible balance and strength out on the trail and the fact that many allergic people seem to be able to better tolerate Basjkir hair and dust.

We will lend you a helmet but please bring your own safety vest if you wish to use one.

You can wear ordinary shoes or boots but please make sure your footwear has a proper heal to prevent you from slipping through the stirrup.

Long trousers are best for riding – even on a hot summer’s day. Wearing shorts might give you rubs and bruises and the horse flies are just as keen on humans as they are on horses!

The horses are not used to being fed treats, carrots or apples in your hands. Just pat them instead –that is just as nice!

You are always welcome to groom and help prepare the horses before and after riding. But if for some reason you don´t want to – that is fine too – just let us know!


Try out riding for an hour
350 SEK
We show you how to saddle and bridle a horse. When you are all set, you lead your horse up to the enclosure where you will mount in a safe environment. We help you find all the “controls” such as stop, start, turn etc. If you feel like it, and most people do, we finish off with a quiet ride in to the woods

Two hours trail ride
550 SEK
We ride in to nature and adapt the speed and level of the trail to your experience.

Three hours trail ride
750 SEK
A slightly more challenging ride where we include a coffee break in the forest. Best suited for the more experienced rider – or you might develop a sore bum!

It takes at least one hour on top of the time actually spent on horse back – to prepare the horse before and after and to just be with them. So don´t be too much in a hurry to get back home!